Best of luck with your surgery!
J. David Buerk

I go for my MPFL surgery TOMORROW morning! I am so glad I just happened to come across your article (with pictures). I wasn’t nervous until I woke up this morning… Your recap has been amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a personal experience with strangers like me to read. I have two kids, so I was nervous about how “mobile” I would/could be. I have been told by my surgeon that I will be immobile and cannot be weight bearing for 4–6 weeks post-op. That terrifies me with the two kids. I mean, my daughter is 8.5 and my son is 1.5, so I’m sure it will be fine, but with Christmas right around the corner and being a mom, obviously lying on a couch for 4–6 weeks is not an option! hahaha!

I’m not huge on caring what the scarring would be like to look at, but I was a little curious as to what the post-op incisions would look like, and seeing your day 4 changing of the bandages, it looks amazing!

I’m also really glad to see your comment about being back to running in 6 months post-op. I had always found running to be therapeutic in my younger years (my initial injury happened at just 13 years old), so I am in happy tears reading that.

Anyway, thanks again (SO MUCH) for sharing your surgery and recovery experience. It really has helped to calm my nerves today. I think now the only thing I’m worried about are the Percocets. How were you with them? I’ve heard horror stories about how they made people extremely nauseous, and I really don’t want to have to deal with puking with a brace. hahaha!

Have a wonderful Christmas season and all the best with your continued marathons! ❤