Take Care of Yo-Self

It was Tuesday, November 15th. I was at a reggae show in Park City when the deathly mix of dehydration and exhaustion hit me. It started with the shakes, then a stomach ache, and finally a fever. My diet for the day included two shots of espresso, a leftover waffle, and maybe three glasses of water, topped off by a Monster energy drink before the drive up Provo Canyon. By the time I got home (2am), I was a goner. The next twenty-four hours were a waste. Work wise at least. I spent the whole next day recouping from not taking care of my body.

My life follows a predictable rhythm that I like to call “The Energy Cycle”. I pretend I can live off of coffee and power naps… until I hit a wall with the same crash force of a rubberneck worthy car wreck. I make about two rounds of “The Energy Cycle” a year, with a enough time in between sessions to forget the lesson of “taking care of yo-self”. So here I am. Putting this lesson on digital paper in hopes of finally getting schooled out of this deadly circuit.

Dear powerhouses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, business owners, parents. Remember to take care of yourself. I’m leaving my list of ways to avoid “The Energy Cycle” impact below.

  • Get at least a non-interrupted 8 hours of sleep every 3 days. Power naps are awesome. But they will stab you in the back down the road. Don’t cheat on sleep.
  • Drink MORE water than necessary. Forget about the 8 oz rule. Drink your weight in water. It can’t hurt.. only help. Especially when you’re pounding back those lattes.
  • Eat your greens and proteins. This is easier for some than others. I easily forget/run out of time to eat and I’ll replace a balanced meal with a bagel (or a left over waffle). Bad idea.
  • Go for a walk. Go outside. Leave the office. Put your laser focus aside for a minute and refresh your brain. Although you could keep working for 12 more hours, you can’t without repercussions. Our bodies are weaker than our minds sometimes. Make time to take care of both.

Now, treat your body kindly and get to work.

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