Life is not a waiting game

A man could be completely happy with his life, if not for one thing: a partner, a job, a house. Witnessing other people’s happiness, he is vulnerable to imitation. He gives up his ego and values, ignores his past, and opens his mind to new lifestyles. His life becomes a waiting game, and he obsessively tries to create opportunities so that what he is looking for may finally reach him. Within a moment of solitude and quiet, he crushingly reports to himself that he still has not acquired it.

When he finally acquires what he feels to have been missing, he will eventually realize that acquisition alone is a short-lived happiness. If a man only prepares enough to acquire what he wants, then he will soon learn that he is not prepared at all. A man should not think of an acquisition as an end, but the beginning of a process. If not, he can easily let the right person, the right job, or any good opportunity slip.

When a man is anticipating the arrival of his baby, he can prepare for the eventual many years of parenting. He can also choose to pick up his first parenting book after the arrival. With acquisition, comes responsibility to dueful preparation.

A man can prepare to have a successful process by learning how he can contribute best. He should be excited about what he has to offer, instead of what his ideal partner can offer to him. Possibly, he can learn to cook, so he can express his affection through preparing for his future partner. He can learn to sketch, so he can one day dedicate his artwork to his partner. Contrast these behaviors to a man who spends all of his free time eyeballing girls at the mall or bar while swiping on his phone.

Without thoroughly preparing, a man who wants companionship will not find it when he adopts a dog. A man who wants productivity will not find it when he hires someone. A man who wants a career will not find it when he finds a job. The final outcome is a function of what a man is willing and is able to contribute after the acquisition.

* The usage of ‘man’ in this post refers to the gender-neutral person.

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