My thoughts on Facebook

What would life be like if we all stopped using Facebook now? What would we use to fill the empty little gaps between activities? Would we talk to people less, or would we talk to them more? How would we organize events with friends and family all around the world? How would I know what my friends are thinking, doing, or reading? What would I use to stalk acquaintances to compare our self-worth? Where can I immortalize my a carefully crafted version of my identity? What can other people use to contact me? How do I keep in touch with all of the big and little things in our lives, and find them later?

Why do I hate using Facebook? Why do I always use it when I feel lazy? Do I feel good when I use it? If I removed all of the people I don’t care to read about, would I still use Facebook if it’s less than 5 people? Do I have a fear of missing out for hundreds of people I don’t care about? If I don’t care about them now, what makes me think I would care about them tomorrow?

I added these people as my friends — are they my friends? What are friends? What do friends do together?

Who were my friends before? Do I have more actual friends more now than before? Do I have better friends now than before? Did Facebook play a role in this? What were friends before? What did friends do before?

What would my life be like if I stopped using Facebook?

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