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Self-made millionaires like Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk understand that learning and growing quickly is necessary to adapt to fast-paced markets.

Aware of the time constraints entrepreneurs and professionals face, Blinkist’s founders distilled critical insights from non-fiction books and developed the best way for lifelong learners to grasp them in 15 minutes or less. This simple idea has made them one of the fastest growing startups in Europe.

Holger Seim, CEO and Co-Founder, discusses the marketing tactics and budget strategies that are fueling their fast-paced growth in this article. …

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Photo by Wenni Zhou on Unsplash

The heat

The fear

The laughter

The freedom

The dance it creates.

It breaks away the wood,

Hear it’s crackling sounds.

It’s a sign, there is more in it.

Stories, treasures, adventures, and danger.

Ashes and smoke cloud the view

It hurts the eyes.

Where is the smoke going?

How does the fire dance so freely?

Inviting and alluring

A beautiful freedom

A sparkle of fear

A must.

elle luna was the guide for this inspiration. …

And motivate them to pursue your projects

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Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

When I came into the organization, I had a set list of projects and responsibilities directly tied to my discipline, marketing. And, over time things changed organically, perhaps it was a response to adapt to the changing media landscape, or to best accommodate multiple disciplines into one area.

Over the last couple of years I started creating cross-functional teams. It wasn’t a considerate effort. It happened by chance.

We came together because I verbalized an idea to fix a problem that we knew needed attention but no one had done anything about it.

I organized working groups to explore solutions. These teams are comprised of professionals with different set of skills, representing their departments, reporting to different senior leadership. The titles range from managers to VPs. The larger teams have a wider variety of titles, designers and coordinators included. The smaller ones tend to be a combination of decision-makers from various their departments. …


Jessica Mendoza

Interconnecting dots across disciplines. Born in Venezuela, New Yorker in London.

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