2017’s 4-Letter Word

Jessica Hagy

Most acronyms get annoying
Morons achieve grand ambitions
Main arterial gushes affluence
Mortgage another generation’s abilities
Manifest another goon army
Minorities are getting annihilated
Middling abilities generate alarm
Multiple allegations gain attention
Make another gin aperitif
Menstruation alarms guys, amirite?
Models appreciate gropes, actually
Medical assessment: go away
Mad about gay acceptance
Marginalized animus gone awry
Mandatory allegiance goads athletes
Machiavellians are grossly arrogant
Must assault gorgeous asses
Major actions generate apathy
Mumble about generalized anxiety
Masculine anger gains acceptance
Musty aggressively gilded apartments
Misunderstood alphas grouchily alone
Maximize Anglo gestation absolutely
Misbehavior abatement going amiss
Moms and girlfriends annoy
Moscow’s algorithm gains authority
Morale appears ghastly admittedly
Mercy and goodness AWOL
Melanin angers gormless anarchists
Maddeningly atrocious greed antics
More assets grotesquely accrue
Motivating ancient gods’ anger
Many artists grumble anonymously
Media agitates grandpa’s abhorence
Maintain amazing graft actions
Madman aspirates glib anger
Miserable apostles grunt angrily
Money ablates gentleness always
Maximize atrociously gross aspects
Mogul’s Alzheimer’s growing alarming
Manners appear generally absent
Martyr a gentle activist
Mattress absorbed gruesome animus
Mean angry gremlins activated
Mouth antagonizes geopolitical aggression
Mexicans are growing afraid
Mainly: assholes gonna asshole
Many anticipate Germany again
Most accomplishments go away

Jessica Hagy

Written by

I doodle a lot. thisisindexed.com & jessicahagy.info

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