College Pro-Tips

You have a lot on your mind going to college, whether you are worried about fitting in with the culture of the campus or being nervous about success. So it is no surprise that first-years are missing out on a lot of information coming in. I am in my Junior year of college and I am just now getting the basic hang of things. Because of that, I want to lower anxiety for up and rising students with these pro-tips that may not come up in orientation.

  1. The college list is a lie. Half of the items universities hand out on their “must have lists” are completely unnecessary and a waste of you and or your parents money. First-year housing is small and will not fit all those items they are recommending you get. Stick with the basics. Sheets, comforter, food, notebooks, laptop, pillow, and anything you need to live.
  2. Extra Sheets. People recommend that you wash your sheets at least once a week. Being a college student you have to set priorities and sometimes may have to wait longer to wash your raunchy sheets because that 10 page paper is due tomorrow. Always keep an extra set of clean sheets in your closet and switch them out. That will buy you extra time to do laundry and will prevent you from sleeping on filth.
  3. Weight Gain. This is completely normal and a part of life. You are no longer high school teenagers. You are growing into young adults, with curves, body hair, and bigger responsibilities. With some exercise and a balanced diet, there is no need to worry about your size. Just focus on your health and not the number on the scale.
  4. Say “no” to All-Nighters. Trust me when I say that all-nighters are damaging and ineffective. You will regret what you have written. Your professor might even think you were drunk when you wrote it. All-nighters seem good in theory: “I do better work under pressure!” No, I have seen students cry, freak out and sleep through classes and meals. When you are sleep deprived you are not going to produce your best work.
  5. Get cheap books: If your professor says the book for the class does not have to be new, do not buy it new. Rent it, get it on a Kindle, buy it used — try to save money! Good websites to buy books on are, and 
    Here is the link to get a free trial of Amazon Prime as a college student: