Tips on writing a college paper

As Illustrated by cats

Writing papers can be tricky. Especially with meeting other deadlines, parties, work, and sleep (of course). We get caught up in a lot of things as college students. It’s not always easy being motivated and productive. So, I broke down some tips on how to write a college paper with less stress and worry. Oh and also I illustrated it with gifs of cats because you deserve joy in your lives.

  1. Make a plan.
    Write down the due dates on your Google Calendar, planner, or try MyStudyLife. Planning helps prevent procrastination.

2. Make an outline. 
You can do a topic sentence or full sentence outline. These will help with organization of your paper and make you more scholarly.

3. Make solid arguments. 
Use scholarly articles when necessary. Don’t just summarize them — link all of their themes and main ideas into one cohesive paragraph. Be sure to use evidence. Without that support, you won’t go far.

4. Write drafts.
Save the drafts as separate copies in Microsoft word.

Cat on keyboard

5. Have it proofread. 
Have fellow students read over your draft. If you can, ask if the professor or TA can look at it. Don’t get caught up with your own words.

6. Write another draft. 
After receiving edits and comments on your paper, write one more draft for the submission.

7. Work on it a little at a time. 
If the paper is due in 3 months, work on it at least 15 minutes a day. Taking it in small chunks will definitely help you avoid all-nighters and prevent less stress. Try keeping a journal handy and not overwhelming yourself.

8. Have your favorite beverages on hand. 
I am of course talking about coffee and tea. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while writing a college paper.

….Also try some water.

9. Know how to ask for an extension. 
Avoid crying to the professor for an extension. They’ve heard it before and it won’t help your case (unless it’s a very serious situation). Ask other students if they’d like one. Argue that it will help the quality of your paper and give the professor something worth reading. Say that you found an extra article and/or research that you want to include and mention that other students feel the same way. Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on the professor for the deadline. That will not get you an extension or get you unstuck.

10. Treat yourself! 
Once the paper is done, celebrate!Eat cake. Go to the movies. Party with friends. Watch Netflix at home.

Well that was fun! Take care everyone :)