We are a group of more than twenty American artists united to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

We believe one of the most important things we can do right now to help the campaign is to get more people showing visible support for the candidates. We hope you’ll join us in spreading this message of unity and loudly proclaim your support for the Biden/Harris campaign!

TLDR: Want to join us? Scroll to the end!

UPDATE! Visit riseupshowupunite.vote for free downloads of this and other art and to see more art from the campaign. There are now more than 1600 posts on the hashtag on instagram!

As a former board member of the the Type Directors Club, I feel compelled to join the conversation about its dissolution. First, everyone should read Juan’s letter. I understand his frustrations and that moving the club forward even millimeters was an arduous process. I commend him for what he accomplished in his tenure there.

When I was on the board, three of the twelve members were people of color. Four of the twelve board members were women. It felt like, at the time, the club was very focused on bringing more women into type and lettering. The TDC was originally…

I have a baby, she is awesome. While I was pregnant, I had a ton of help from parent friends who offered advice, spreadsheets of product recommendations, and moral support. I know not every parent-to-be out there has an intense support network so I want to pass along some of the knowledge I gained in this whole person-creation process. One of the most intimidating things a new parent faces is accumulating all of the stuff everyone says that you need. We live in a small-ish one bedroom apartment (with few closets already packed to the gills and no garage) so…

Jessica Hische

New York Times Best-selling Author, Lettering Artist, and Parent to Three Small Children

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