A Big Fan Of Harry Potter? Check Out The Harry Potter Room!

One of the best places to study at Western Washington University(WWU), is the quiet study room in the Wilson Library. WWU is in the city of Bellingham, WA, near Canada. The school library has a quiet study room known as the “Harry Potter Room.” If students on campus want to study in a very quiet and serious environment, this is probably the perfect location they will find. Being a Western Washington University student who really likes the Harry Potter series, I go to the Harry Potter room a lot more than other places, to study. Out of all the places on campus, my favorite place is the Harry Potter room. It is just the perfect place to get some good studying done during dead week.

How effect is the Harry Potter Room?

During my first dead week and finals week, I studied in the study room everyday. If you do not know what dead week is, it is the week before finals; it is called dead week because students study so much, that they feel dead at the end of the week. Finals week is when college students take their final tests for the quarter. There is not much people there to start out with, which was kind of surprising at first. However, as it gets closer to finals week, it gets relatively crowded. The reason the Harry Potter room is the most productive and best match for students who needs to buckle down and study, is because everyone around you is studying which motivates you to want to study. The environment also gives the students a chance to seriously think about their academic goals and future. However, if you do not like the quiet environment and can work better with a noisy background, then the first floor of the library is also available. Most people are downstairs in the daylight lounge or the learning commons where they can talk amongst their friends. Students in the Harry Potter room also talk, but whisper so only their neighbors can hear them. Most of the students in the room has headphones in so it is barely noticeable. The atmosphere of the room feels somewhat strict(how I felt when I first watched Harry Potter), but once you settle in, it is very relaxing because it is very quiet and it feels like you are the only one in there.

Details About The Room

Also, the Harry Potter room is also very wide and spacious that it makes students want to stay there forever. Many people refer the place as the “Harry Potter” room because of how the room was constructed and it reminds people of the Harry Potter’s dining hall. The architecture in the Harry Potter movie is from England, and numerous amount of students find it similar because of the windows and high ceiling; with books alongside the walls, it really resembles the architecture from Harry Potter. Right when you walk into the room you will see many books along the wall and high windows above them. Whether you look to the left or right of the big room, there are long wooden desks with six chairs on both sides of the desk. What is great about the desk is that it is slanted down so when you use your laptop, it is very convenient. Also, the desk have lights so students who need more light can utilize them. However, all the lights in the library are motion sensored so it is not so good when you want to study in there till they close. When you are the only one in there, the lights turn off automatically cause no one is moving around. Moving onto the right side of the room, when you enter, there are couch chairs for students who want to sit somewhere more comfortable. The couch chairs also have tables in front of them so it is easier for students to lay out their papers. There are many desk and comfortable chairs to sit at and do work.

The picture of Harry Potter’s Dining Hall.
This is a picture of WWU’s Harry Potter room. It resembles the architecture from Harry Potter; high ceilings with the lights all lined up, same shaped windows, and the long room.

What It Feels Like To Study In The Harry Potter Room

The place itself just resembles the places from Harry Potter because of the medieval type of architecture theme. I personally really like how the desks are just one long desk with chairs, but because the room is so big, it is very echoey which is not a plus. Having to get out of your wooden chair is the worst because it is so quiet in the room that the chair sounds like thunder. The couch chairs are great for students that do not need desks, but would just like to do work on their laptop and be comfortable at the same time. The long desks reminds the students of the dining hall tables because they are super long too. During dead week it is especially really great to go to the Harry Potter room because there are many books you can use as resource to help you out. The stairs to the Harry Potter room even reminds student of how similar it is to the ones from the movie. The stairs are made out of stone and the design of it is also similar. On a side note, the location of the restroom is not that great because you have to take a flight of stairs down through a corridor to get to the bathroom. Most students bring their laptop and electronics to the Harry Potter room, and they might be on guard about just leaving them there. Also, in the Harry Potter movie, the students would bring their books and notes to the bathroom because they did not trust other students with their spell notes. It would be great if there was an accessible bathroom on the same floor. Also, the ceilings in the room is very high so when students stay in there for a long time, they would not feel crammed or claustrophobic. The ceilings is just like the ones from Harry Potter because of how the lights are all lined up and how they hang low, but not super low; like chandeliers. When studying, it is always nice to take a short break and walk around. This room is good for that because there are many books to glance at and you could walk to the other side of the room to look at portraits or art work on the walls.

What The Harry Potter Room Needs

As a freshmen here at WWU, the best place I find to study during dead week is the Harry Potter room. Its relaxing and quiet at the same time, how can it get any better than this? There is some places where it can improve, like having a bathroom on the same floor and adding more pictures along the wall to make it resemble the places from Harry Potter more. In the near future, the room itself should not change because the whole vibe of the room is very relaxing and feeling like being in a room similar to the Harry Potter is great. However, there could be some changes for the better.

The Overall Place To Go To At Western Washington University

In conclusion, people who want to experience the Harry Potter room and explore without being distracted should visit the Harry Potter room. The room on the fourth floor of the Wilson Library is a good place to just check out and see what the atmosphere of the place is like. This place in the library will continue to stay the same or even become a better place for people to study in and feel happy visiting a place that reminds them of Harry Potter. There are many people who like the Harry Potter series and just goes there to enjoy their time. People rely on this source of place to get work done, and to strap down and study during dead week and finals week (which is technically the most important and stressful weeks of University life). Overall, if you want a really quiet place to study in, and see how similar the room is to the Harry Potter’s, the place you should visit is the Harry Potter room at WWU’s Wilson Library.

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