inVibe Labs Reinvents Market Research, Creates Nuanced Listening Platform Yielding Actionable Insights from Emotional Speech Patterns in Patient and Physician Conversations

Co-founder and CEO Fabio Gratton Recognized with PM360 ELITE 2019 Data Miner Award for Redefining Listening in Market Research

(PHILADELPHIA, PA — May 29, 2019) inVibe Labs, a market research innovator dedicated to changing the way healthcare organizations listen to their customers, helps healthcare companies better understand the thoughts and feelings of patients and physicians by reading between the lines to uncover meaningful language patterns hidden in plain sight. The company’s machine learning technology and speech-emotion algorithms analyze spoken words in combination with pauses, sighs, tones and pitches, to yield actionable insights.

Noting the disruptive, paradigm-shifting nature of the company’s technologies, distinguished industry publication PM360 awarded inVibe co-founder and CEO Fabio Gratton its respected ELITE 2019 Data Miner Award, recognizing him as one of the most influential people in the healthcare industry today. The PM360 ELITE Awards recognize individuals who have made a significant impact to the healthcare industry throughout their careers.

“Extracting the true meaning behind feedback provided by patients and physicians is critical to identifying and responding to market needs,” noted Gratton. “By harnessing the most valuable resource of all — the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that truly drive behavior — inVibe enables healthcare companies to conduct quantitative and qualitative research studies more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.”

inVibe complements its traditional market research team with expert sociolinguists, enabling them to work together on a proprietary platform that allows easy searching, tagging, and measurement of all aspects of language. “Our sociolinguists provide the critical vision needed to evaluate speech patterns in context, and transform them into applied knowledge,” added Gratton.

Among the technologies incorporated into inVibe’s platform:

Real Voice Capture (RVC), a proprietary technology that captures authentic stories through automated interviews allowing patients and physicians to speak freely, anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Response Tagging (IRT) allows analysts to identify patterns within natural language and quickly assign metrics to qualitative data. This is a critical step that puts structure around seemingly unstructured stories.

Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) uses two different types of AI tools to analyze changes in voice, such as tone and pitch, to uncover deeper insight from voice data. Additionally, acoustic signals like pitch or tone are analyzed in context, at word-, phrase- or sentence-level.

According to Gratton, “This level of nuanced analysis allows our team to deliver unprecedented insights into the language of customers.” The deliverable to healthcare companies, which happens within 24–48 hours, is intel that helps them quickly interpret physician experiences and patient journeys.

Those interested in learning more about inVibe can do so by attending IIeX Health’s “The Future of Healthcare and Pharma Insights” conference in Philadelphia on June 4, where inVibe Director of Research Kathryn Ticknor will present “The Human and the Machine: Empathy-Focused Research in a World of Automation and AI.”

A series of whitepapers are also available on inVibe’s website including its most recent Speaking RA: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Lexicon Guide.

About inVibe Labs

inVibe provides healthcare organizations with an entirely new way to listen, enabling them to better understand their customers by capturing authentic stories and translating sound science into actionable insights. inVibe’s structured methodology combined with sociolinguistic analysis and AI-powered speech emotion recognition provides unique customer insights that are used by major pharmaceutical companies, marketing agencies, universities, and healthcare startups. For more information, please visit

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