Letter to Ivanka
Isabel Rose

Thank you for your letter Isabel. I have many gay and lesbian friends, and one transgender friend, that I know of, though we are not very close. Your letter has given me insight into her life and the lives of other transgender people and their families, expanding my awareness and understanding of my community.

I see now that there are likely many more transgendered and gender nonconforming people around me every day. Having this awareness will make me a better citizen, a more thoughtful and engaged community member, and an even more understanding friend.

I love and support my friends, but the more I know about them and their life, the more I see just how much we have in common. I too, like most of us, have struggled with self-esteem, identity, body acceptance, just in different ways. But no one is telling me I can’t feel safe going to the bathroom.

Your and your family’s courage to share your story helps us build a more empathetic and ethical society!

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