I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

As a Cis woman and mother to a transgender child, seriously fuck you. Transwomen are also subjected to male violence. They are not immune from it at all in fact transwomen are far more likely than cis women to be murdered by a man. You think transwomen are less female than you. It is not safe for a transwoman to change in the mens room. You think your right to not see a penis (in my 32 years as a women I have get to see anyone’s genitals in a restroom or a changing room) trumps transwomens right to actual physical safety. By the way, referring to trans people that have not had surgery “as pre op” is seriously messed up. Not all trans people want surgery. Not all trans people can have surgery. You want women’s only spaces? We have them, but some of us (the ones that work damn hard to not be transphobic) will include all women, not just the ones you think are female enough.

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