Jessica Kahal Played Great Music in Her School’s Marching Band

Jessica Kahal was one of the most talented and expert band members at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in California. From the year 1999 to 2003, she was actively involved with the marching band of her school and gave many awesome performances in many prestigious events. She was praised by her school authorities and band mates due to her skills and catching the things very quickly. She had so much fun at being a band member in her high school. Having passionately curiosity of participating and learning each and every extracurricular activity, Jessica participated in High School Musicals (Pit Orchestra) in some of the famous ones- Bye Bye Birdie in 2002, Fame! in 2002, and West Side Story in 2003 during her high school.

With having high skills and proficiency being a band member, Jessica Kahal has won United States Marine Corps — Semper Fidelis Bandsman Award in 2003. She has also received Most Improved- Advanced Orchestra in 2001. She has also been awarded by National Honor Society. One more talent she had was — singing. She has also sung many songs in Choir and Jazz Choir from 2002 to 2003 and entertained many gatherings. She has also shown her talent by taking part in Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra from 2000 to 2003. She always goes for practicing songs in the auditorium after finishing with her school hours. She worked hard and reaped sweetest fruits of her dedication by winning many competitions.

In addition to these activities, Jessica Kahal has also played flute solo (Mozart, Flute Concerto in D Major) at 2002 Winter Concert with Adv. Orchestra. She has also been a part of Asian American Youth Symphony Orchestra from 2002 to 2003. She also got the chance to be a part of California State University Long beach Concert Band in 2003. Because of the amount of time spent memorizing music, practicing drills and at performances, she got enough exposure and that helped her to boost their confidence and work towards becoming well coordinated.

Jessica Kahal even encouraged High School students to be a part of the marching band numerous competitions held every year. For her expertise, she thanks to her music teachers and directors for teaching at every step. She actively participated in many musical events and won many awards. She lives in California with her parents and two brothers Joshua and Justin and loves to spend quality time with them.

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