Usability Test Process Blog

What We Did

This week, we practiced a usability test of a device used in the kitchen called the “Microwave”.

Our team planned and executed a usability test with three participants completing three tasks. We recorded three different types of data per task. We then prepare and record a video presentation about our usability test.

Our tasks
The scenario is to simulate a possible common daily routine of warming up a meal. The routine was simply divided into three chronological tasks: 
1. Setting the microwave clock at 4:21 pm. 
2. Microwaving food for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then canceling the action. 
3. Cleaning the Microwave by simply removing the rotational tray and properly inserting it back.

Below is the Usability Test Video Presentation.


One problem that we encounter was when we were testing the participants, P3 did not complete the second task and was unaware of it. We were not sure if we should let P3 know that he didn’t complete it and keep trying or just continue with the next task. In the future, we should make sure we address our tasks very clearly, so the participants will have a clear understanding of what they should do.

In the Future

I like really this project because I got surprised by how two out of three participants can make the exact same mistake on the same thing. It shows us know how we should design things differently so the product is easy to use. There are a lot of products we can use the usability test to improve the design, such as phones, dish washers, etc. This project also made me think about what I can change some of the design of the products we use in our daily life and make our life better.

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