5 Ways to Survive a Trump Presidency

I never wanted Donald Trump to become President. Trump supporters always ask me why and I tell them because he doesn’t purport himself to be a man able to put his own needs after the needs of THE PEOPLE. I feel that Donald Trump represents a generation that doesn’t understand the world today. It’s like having your Granny go to a virtual reality party and she tells you that all of that stuff is the work of the devil and in her day all you needed was some chalk and rocks to toss.

We as a nation have come a long way to get closer to the freedom that this country was founded on. In the beginning of the inception of our government, it promised freedom and the right to pursue happiness. When it was written it was written for white men only since they were the “founders” of America, “the republic.” Yet, everyone that called America home willingly and unwillingly, felt it was unfair to not be able to take part in such liberties. So, the others began to fight for equality. Over time, we started to win more and more freedom. I believe that we as the “others” became comfortable after seemingly achieving some form of equality and livelihood.

You really can’t blame us for allowing ourselves to forget where we came from and how we used to live a less free life. Our schools teach our children that slaves were just free workers. Our entertainment glorifies spending money with everyone outside of our community rather than our own. We as the “other” people have forgotten how to survive as the minorities and consequently, we relinquished all of the power our ancestors worked so hard to get. We did so before we actually achieved true unity, equality, freedom and the right to pursue happiness.

Donald Trump become President and wanting to make America great again feels like we stepped back in time over 100 years. He doesn’t believe women should work, he believes in the rich becoming richer. And we are complaining still instead of gathering with our elders and asking them how we can prepare to emancipate ourselves again. Here are five ways that I feel we as minority communities can survive a Donald Trump Presidency.

5. Organize with a Purpose

This past weekend a wonderful crowd showed up nationwide in support of the Women’s March. This was a prime example of what unity looks like. We need to organize meet ups in common areas to not only gather those that are willing to be on one accord with like minded individuals but to collect ideas for a movement. Often times we hold meetings and marches ill equipped to take the next step immediately which is to take action. We need to have marches that allow us to break up into small groups based upon talent and passion and utilize those groups to take on a certain tasks. We should not meet and or gather just because, instead, we need to have fewer speeches and more brainstorming and time to allocate duties to individuals and groups. We waste time giving and hearing sermons, we all know what’s wrong, let’s get to the heart of the matter and create solutions.

4. Hold Your Elected Officials Accountable

It’s time that we research who our elected officials are and the duties in which each office holds and is responsible for. Take the time to become familiar with them and introduce yourself to them. The are required to have office hours. Ask them for a run down of their goals for the community and ask for ways that you can become directly involved. A lot of the negative issues taking place within our communities across the nation stem from a lack of civic engagement. If our elected officials know that their constituents are paying attention to them, then they will be more mindful of the way in which they represent you at the political table. Follow your representatives as hard as you follow these gossip blogs. Here is a list of 5 Ways to Stay Politically Engaged After Obama.

3. Take Charge of Your Block

We need people to step up personally and be the change they want to see. I need you to go door to door and introduce yourself to your neighbor. Try to find out as much about your neighbors as possible. This is important because you are going to be the liaison that keeps an open line of communication between your elected officials and your neighbors. This is beyond powerful. There used to be a popular trend of having a Block club. We need to revamp and revitalize that movement. A lot of the lack of engagement stems from people not knowing of the opportunities to be involved. Start creating a newsletter to pass out to your fellow neighbors about local events, job opportunities, notes from the last community meeting and a text line via google voice where people can ask for specific information and or help. If you have kids and a spouse, you will be setting a strong example for them that will inspire not only your home, your block but your community as well. There is power in one. Nothing ever gets done if no one ever starts and or steps up!

2. Get Ready For The Revolution

We need to get ready for a war and it won’t be with guns but with knowledge and coins. Sadly, the majority of the people we will have to fight will be our own. We as the minority society have been conditioned to think a certain way when it comes to independence. We have been trained to depend on everyone else but our own. We have to fight this war the American way by educating all of our generations at once. We need to do the research and write our own textbooks, share the knowledge on how to rebuild our own communities. In order to be successful at this we must get rid of the money hungry mentality. If we can return to our core instincts and help those that we can help we can ensure we equip ourselves with the tools to survive with minimal government assistance. This is critical because many rely solely on governmental assistance.

1. Know Your History

Donald Trump is the wake up call we needed. It’s that random “F” during progress reports the semester before you apply for graduation or college that lets you know your whole life may be on hold. We needed this to become uncomfortable again as minorities. So stop marching, stop angry tweeting and get somewhere and research all you can about civilian rights , the flow of community money and the history of your ancestors. A wise man once said that you can never know where you are going if you never knew where you been.

This list is an outline of immediate opportunities that you can take advantage of with little to no money. This list is for those that are willing and able to act immediately. This list is for those that understand that Donald Trump’s presidency will be for four years and it may take that long for us to ensure our survival as American people.