Go Mobile or Go Home

It’s a fact that 67% of Fortune 100 companies are not mobile friendly. [1] The statistics are far worse for smaller companies. Among SMBs, the percent of websites that are mobile friendly is a mere 6%. [2]

If YOUR career site isn’t mobile-enabled, it will hurt you in two significant ways.

More job seekers and employees are using their mobile devices during the job search process, and they’re doing it more frequently. Nine in 10 (89%) of job seekers report they’re likely to use a mobile device during their job search in the next 12 months, up seven percentage points (82%) from less than a year ago. And 45% of job seekers say they use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day, up two percentage points in less than a year. [3]

If your site is not mobile-enabled you will immediately lose many potential applicants right from the get-go. YOU are missing out on all of these potential interactions if you don’t already have a mobile-enabled careers site. [4]

And, if your site is not mobile-enabled, it will hurt you in a significant and more insidious way that you may not have anticipated. Fully 30% of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related. [5] Your organic (free) search traffic from Google and other search engines has been dropping since April, 2015 if your career site is not mobile-enabled. Google and other search engines have implemented a new ranking system that rewards sites that are mobile-friendly by elevating them in its search results. The flip side of that is the bad news for any website that isn’t mobile-enabled — it will fall in the rankings. [6]

Do you know if your career site is mobile friendly? You can view it at this mobile-friendly testing link provided by Google:

If your site is not mobile friendly, the time to take remedial action is now.

Not mobile-enabled yet? STOP THE MADNESS!

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Jessica L. Benjamin writes about workplace culture, leadership, academia, tech & politics. Reed English BA, Loyola JD.

Jessica L. Benjamin

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