Tech talent is hard to hire. I’m sure you’ve seen all the LinkedIn profiles in the sector asking recruiters not to bother them.

I work for (although I am not speaking for them) and when I see someone post a job ad for a role like a Full-stack Developer, I explain to them that a posting online is probably not going to be enough to fill the role. They need to add Social Recruiting on Twitter and Facebook where people actually spend their time, Talent Fusion recruiting services or a tool like TalentBin to really reach out to the right people in a compelling manner. Even adding an inexpensive banner at the top of the page for the role when you are competing with 500 similar jobs an make a big difference.

My Indian IT consulting shops, mostly based in NJ and TX don’t seem to have as much trouble hiring contract workers from India.

America has 5.8 million total job openings. (CNN Money). Sometimes you get lucky but sometimes it’s going to take a lot more than one posting on a niche site to fill a role and I think sophisticated recruiters know that.

Jessica L. Benjamin

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Careers • Gender issues • Leadership • Sales

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