Places To Grab and Stock Up On Healthy Food While On The Road in the U.S. and Vancouver, Canada

Oh and how to store it all while on the road if you don’t have a fridge? Coolers come in all sorts of sizes and styles these days but since Kevin and I rented a car we bought a large plastic tote container from Target for about $7USD and filled it with a bag of ice (don’t empty ice chips out though or else they will melt and make a mess of your food). Then we put the food inside the container, closed the lid, and wrapped the tote with 1–2 blankets to insulate further. Just keep checking on ice to make sure your goods are still cool!

Protein Powder: Purium (order L.O.V.E. raw, organic protein powder here)

Cookies: Thrive *heart-shaped cookies

Dried Fruit: Organic figs, organic mulberries, organic grapes from (Costco, San Francisco, California)

Fresh Fruit: Organic blueberries, organic raspberries from (Costco, San Francisco, California)

Chips: Variety *look for non-GMO label if chips contain corn or soy (Costco, San Francisco, California)

Vegan Sandwich, Muffins: Café Aquatica *Great veggie Panini (Jenner, California)

Vegan Pancakes, Oatmeal, Doughnuts: M Café *Not all items are meat-free but there are several healthy options (Los Angeles, California)

Falafel Burger: Falafel Hut *Unexpectedly super delicious vegan burger! (Santa Cruz, California)

Vegan Burrito: Juan’s Flying Burrito (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Vegan Burger: The Grind House (Atlanta, Georgia)

Roasted Chickpea Snack: The Vitamin Lady (Atlanta, Georgia)

Pudding: Chia Pod (Made by the Chia Co., found in San Francisco, California)

Bread: Dave’s Organic Spelt Bread (Found in Costco, San Francisco, California and New Leaf Market, Santa Cruz, California)

Japanese Food: Shizen-Ya *BEST Japanese restaurant I’ve been to where brown rice is standard and portions are decent! (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Chocolate: Chai Chocolate (

24-hour veg food: The Naam (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Sandwich, smoothie: Sedjuiced, ) (*good but waaay to small portions for price) (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Cajun Cuisine: Ignatius Eatery *Not healthy physically but for the soul, yes. So I’m going to put this here. This is the place that I set aside my veganism for (New Orleans, Louisiana) and I have no regrets because the joy I got out of that dinner experience was worth it- it was me letting go of something I’ve been rigid on and it was me just enjoying the present and allowing myself to be! Did I mention that my hard-core meat-eating friend said it was the “most amazing meal [he’s] had in years”?

Any Thai place, really. I LOVE spicy, exotic food and usually order green curry. Just ask to make sure they don’t add other creams or milks other than from coconuts. Oh, and remember that most tofu in North America is genetically-modified (veggies are a safer bet even though they likely aren’t organic).

For this trip I was in New Orleans, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, and the entire U.S. and Canada West Coast. I will be on the look out for the best healthy places and people in other cities so I can share them with you.

To your health!

Jessica Louise Li

Eat Better. Move More. Love Deeper.

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