Hard work pays off eventually if you can see that there’s a pencil in my hand

I go to school Monday through Friday

And I do homework

I come home and I do more homework

I get tired quicker

Then some kids do

And of course all kids get tired

I get tired quicker

but I still push through

When all said and done and I get my diploma which is the rest of this year and next year

I will be very proud of myself because I hung in there and so will others around me be proud of me the work I am learning in school it will help me in the future because I’m going to definitely need to use it in the future because we all use what we learn in school when we become adults my smartness and knowledge I am learning in school right now is not going to only help me but when I help others around me and if we have kids in the future your smartness and my smartness will help those around me

So everyone hang in there encourage accomplish and succeed in school and you will get your diploma at the end of accomplishment and most importantly never give up

Positively yours Jessica


much love always❤

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