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Note: INBOUND ‘16 is now behind us, but I’m still hiring and looking ahead. Interested in joining us at InVision? Email me at jessicameher at

One of my absolute favorite times of the year is during HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference.

INBOUND brings together the best people in marketing, sales, and tech for one massive event in the beautiful city of Boston. The content, speakers, and entertainment are top-notch. But what excites me the most are all the new connections I’ll make and all the new relationships I’ll build.

I love meeting awesome people, but what I really love is the opportunity to work with awesome people like you. …

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It was a Tuesday afternoon at work, and I was sitting in a small, dimly lit conference room and across the table from the company’s head of management training. Fidgeting with my pen and swiveling back and forth in my chair somewhat anxiously, I was ready to spill my emotions.

What was typically a casual one-on-one meeting soon turned into a soul-searching session. It was a time in my career when I needed some much-needed direction and perspective. I was bumming out over my recent performance and began to lay out an honest (and harsh) self-assessment.

“I feel stuck,” I told him. “I’m not feeling particularly awesome at my job. And I’m not progressing as quickly as I want to be. Something is holding me back, but I’m not sure what.” …


Jessica Meher

VP, Marketing @Notarize. Formerly @InVisionApp @HubSpot. Angel investor and @Techstars mentor. Geeky over design, tech, and growing teams and companies.

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