Go fuck yourself.

You are welcome to dislike anyone you want but your reasons are shit. No fewer than 8 congressional investigations (and millions in $) have turned up NO evidence of any wrongdoing in Benghazi. And even if she had, as a veteran you known it’s doesn’t show any kind of mismanagement — 4 soldiers lost in an embassy ambush isn’t a significant loss of life in a military theater, more were lost in the attack on the Beirut embassy (which was not, at the time) and I’m willing to bet you didn’t call for Reagan’s head. There’s an IED ambush in Afghanistan and Iraq every 5 minutes, too. So get over it. Hilary’s is somewhat of a flip-flopper (basically Gay marriage, she went whichever way the wind was blowing) and she more ore less admitted it. You like videos on the internet? Watch the one where Trump calls the Republican voters the stupidest people on earth. Or how he denied, then admitted, that he mocked John McCain for getting captured (flip flop).

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