The Opioid Crisis- Eroding Civil Rights Under Our Eyes
Heather Wargo

Another excellent article!!
I too have wondered why we can get all the other data, except suicides!?
The anonymous tip line is nothing new, remember “See Something, Say Something”? 
Our govt has been been quietly and systematically stripping our rights away for decades. This is just the latest move.
How anyone can know the facts of what is currently going on, concerning pain patients, and not draw lines to the Nazi T4 Aktion program is beyond me.
And before anyone gets upset about this comparison, look it up, it wasn't about killing Jews. They started by killing their own citizens!! 
Do you know where Hitler got many of his concentration camp ideas? From the US govt and the way they “dealt” with the Native American Indians. This is a fact.
This not the first time the US govt has treated whole populations like this and it most likely won’t be the last. 
All one has to do is learn the true history of the US. 
One of the only good things to come out of my injuries is that I had time to read historical documents and watch documentaries.
This will continue as long as we let it.
Now it’s our turn and we need to stand together and do what we have to stop it, again.
If you’re not familiar with Native & African American history, and many aren't because we aren't taught the truth in school (read “Lies My Teacher Told Me”), start learning.
We need to come together and put a stop to this madness. 
The govt is supposed to work for us, not continually damage us and do what their Corporate masters ask them to. 
Theory isn't “theory” when it’s fact.