7 Critical Features Every Project Manager Want in a Project Management Software

Project management has become an integral part of business lately. In fact, 83% top executives and managers consider project management as important part of their business as depicted by PMI research. When it comes to project management software, there are so many options available in the market that choosing the right one that fulfills all your needs can be difficult. To help you in choosing the best project management software, here is a list of seven important features that your next project management software must have.

1. Task Management

Just like an atom being the basic unit of any element, a task is the basic unit of a project. A project consists of many tasks and sub-tasks, which could be either dependent or independent. If they are dependent on one another then, it is important that you manage them effectively otherwise, your project might be at risk.

Despite task management being an integral part of project management, the majority of project management software skip on task management features, which is quite unfortunate. If your project management software offers best task management tools, you can efficiently manage tasks by prioritizing, assigning and executing them and boost your productivity.

2. Time Tracking

Ask any project manager about the challenges they face while managing projects and they will tell that capturing time/cost against their project goals is probably the most difficult one of them. The best way to complete projects before the deadline is to keep track of the time you spend on each project activity.

You can easily do that with a project management software especially if it has the time tracking feature. By tracking time, you can easily know whether you are falling behind the schedule or on the right track. If it is the former then, you need to get up to speed and complete remaining tasks quickly.

3. Progress Tracking

Do you want to know your project progress? Sorry, your current project management software does not have any such feature to tell you that. There is nothing more frustrating for a project manager than not being able to monitor progress as this will significantly increase the risk of project failure.

Knowing where you currently are in the project and how much progress you have already made and where you need to go from here will make the journey easier and help you to take corrective action in real time to save your project from disaster.

4. Scheduling and Deadline Management

As a project manager, you do not only have schedule tasks but also make sure that your team finishes all the assigned tasks before the deadline, which would, in turn, assist you in getting better project results. With tight deadlines becoming a norm in project management, your project management software must have deadline management features that help you meet all the deadlines.

If your current project management software doesn’t cater to dependencies, constraints or let you create accurate work breakdown structure so you can set project goals and access the project scope correctly then, it is time to replace it with a better solution that let you do all these without any hassle.

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