7 Important Features That Every Task Management Software Must Have

Gone are the days when we use to perform each task manually, which not only take more time but also increase the chances of errors. Today, the situation is completely different. Businesses rely heavily on digital tools to streamline and manage business operations smoothly. One such digital tool is task management software. With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to choose one, which is right fit for your business and fulfills your business needs.

In this article, we highlight key features that you should look for when buying task management software. If these features are not present in your software, do not buy it.

  • Task Prioritization

All the task management software allows you to create tasks and assign them to team members. Unfortunately, that is not enough to achieve success in today’s dynamic business environment. When your task list consists of multiple tasks and you have to complete all of them in a limited time, then you need to prioritize them. Not all tasks are equal. Some tasks are more important than other tasks because they can make a much bigger impact on your business. That is where the task prioritization feature of task management software can come in handy.

  • Communication

Whether it is with your team members or clients, uninterrupted communication is critical for success. As a manager, you should clearly convey your message. Tell them what you expect from them so they know what they have to do in order to complete tasks successfully. Make sure that the task management software you are about purchase has built in communication features so you do not have to buy a separate team communication tool.

  • Collaboration

There is nothing worse for a manager to see all team members moving in different directions. Imagine a situation where team members are not cooperating with other team members. This will wreck havoc on your team cohesion and results could be fatal for your business. Keeping all the team members on the same page and then making them work together to achieve a common goal is the responsibility of a manager. With task management software’s collaboration features, you can easily enhance team collaboration and achieve results you always wanted to achieve. No matter how skillful your team members might be, they can never achieve success on their own. It is a team effort and every team member has to contribute for it.

  • File Sharing

Collaborating on files and sharing them with each other is common practice in today’s workspace. If your task management software lacks document management features, it is useless. The reason why managers prefer to go for a task management tool in the first place is to save time and effort. But what if there is no file management system? It will take more time than managing it manually, which kills the whole purpose of using a task management system. With advanced file sharing options, document sharing is just a matter of few clicks.

  • Calendar

If you have ever worked on project or tasks, then you might be familiar with the stress related to meeting deadlines. Multitasking is quite a norm in today’s competitive business environment. With so many tasks in progress at one time, it could be extremely difficult to keep track of deadlines. That is where Calendar feature can save your day by keeping track of all the deadlines.

You can mark all the important dates and milestones to monitor project progress. Adding reminders and email notifications to calendar and syncing your dates with your calendar will alert your team and keep reminding them about deadlines that are just around the corner which will reduced the chances of missing deadlines and project being completed after the deadline. Users can also adjust their schedules accordingly.

  • Security And Access Control

With rising data security and privacy concerns and growing number of cyber attacks on businesses, it is quite obvious why security and privacy features should be an integral part of today’s task management software. With access control and role definition options, you can easily manage who sees what. With full control over the information, you can even call third party clients for meeting without worrying about your sensitive information being leaked. You can also conduct meetings with few members of your team and only show what you want them to see and hide sensitive business information.

  • Tracking

All the aforementioned features will be useless if you cannot track your task or project progress. With real time tracking becoming a common feature among task tracking software, users can see where they are right now and where they should be at the current point in time. This helps them to set the pace accordingly and achieve the project goals more easily. In addition to this, you can easily estimate how much time and money each task or project will take. Conducting accountability and rewarding and punishing team members becomes much easier with tracking feature. More importantly, it will highlight areas where you need to improve and achieve better results in the future.


When it comes to task management software and tools selection, remember that one size does not fit all. Every business has different needs and requirements therefore; you should ask yourself this question “What I want to achieve with task management software?” Answering this question will make your life a whole lot easier as you know exactly which features your business want in your task management software and which feature it does not want.

Make sure that you get all the features you want plus some handy extras that increases your productivity and efficiency. The same feature, which is important for your business is useless for other business. Which task management feature is most important to you? If you think that, any other important features should make it to our list then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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