9 Amazing Features of iPhone 7 that will enhance Productivity of Entrepreneurs

The iPhone 7 will serve as a very powerful tool for entrepreneurs in near future as it brings together voice communication and online access, plus access to apps, payment systems and entertainment. Every new iteration of the phone is highly anticipated as it will serve as a great functioning tool for business users as it will improve their efficiency and productivity.

You can manage your tasks, communicate with your peers and send project updates to your clients by using the online project management system on your iPhone 7.

In this blog, I will explain nine plus points of iPhone 7 that every entrepreneur should know to get the most out of this amazing anticipated iPhone 7.

1. No Headphone Jack

Despite of standard headphone connection, iPhone 7 has earphones that fit into the lightning port usually used for data transferring and charging. Infrared sensors detect when the pod is in your ear, motion sensors are aimed to control the headphones to use Siri and sense your voice. The pods can also connect to different devices such as Apple watch, laptops and iPads. The iPhone 7 has also stereo speakers that are placed at the top and bottom of the device.

2. Better RAM

The new iPhone 7 has 3GBs RAM, as it is equipped with dual-lens camera, video conferencing, gaming and different other graphic intensive apps that required more RAM. Business users obviously need the power to better communicate and get more work done on their phones to get the most out of it features.

3. Improved Storage Capacity

This time, Apple has also worked on storage capacity and now the iPhone 7 has 256GBs. Now media communication has become the essential thing in the business industry; voice and video conferencing, recording the content all have become important for different industries. iPhone 7 has 256 GB that will ensure business users can even record and store longest conference calls.

4. The New and Improved Processor

The new processor of iPhone 7 called A10 chip has more power, especially when it is combined with Apple iOS 10. It will improve battery duration and other functionalities. The new processor of iOS will help business users to use many business apps with the fastest response time.

5. Ear Pods with Lightning Connector

The iPhone 7 has different functionalities which will work best for entrepreneurs while making them super-efficient and ultra-productive. iPhone 7 is equipped with a smart connector that will make it possible to connect accessories like Smart Keyboard. With this smart connector, additional devices can be easily connected to the iPhone such as projectors, monitors and different other devices that will give entrepreneurs a tool they can use anywhere without compromise.

6. Dual Lens Camera

Majority of businesses such as ecommerce stores, designers, photographers and others rely on high quality images. A dual lens camera is a key feature of iPhone 7 that can deliver professional quality images. The 2–3X optical zoom functionality and dual lens arrangement will be able to capture two images at a time and merge them together to deliver high quality images that can be used for most apps later on.

7. LTE Speed

Connectivity is the most important aspect for the business world. A slow connection can cause delay in many business operations and loss of many business deals. The iPhone 7 has Intel 7360 LTE modem with a downlink speeds of up to 450 MBs, uplink speed of up to 100 MBs and support for LTE category 10 and 29 bands. Fastest connections mean downloading and uploading content more efficiently. Entrepreneurs will be able to access what they need with speeds that are similar to fixed broadband.

8. Long Battery Life

A better battery capacity with faster charging speed is the part of this new iPhone. Getting 50% charged in as little as 15 to 20 minutes is indeed a great option for business users, as more battery means more efficiency and better performance.

9. Dual SIM

iPhone 7 has a dual SIMs feature that is allows many small business users to use multiple carriers at the same time.

Let’s see how this new iPhone 7 will measure up.

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