A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Project Management Methodologies

Project Management is a very popular subject all over the world. Learning project management is not a simple task and it involves taking help from the best practices and experiences of experts. This article is based on research and best practices being done by various project managers. This article is useful for the beginners who want to start career in project management. It covers the most popular project management methodologies. Before going in depth about the methodologies, first it should be understood that what “Methodology” is actually all about.

What is meant by Methodology?

A methodology is basically a body of procedures, methods and practices. They solely belong to those working in a specific discipline.

Why a Project Manager Need it?

Every project manager needs to steer projects in the right direction. So these methodologies help them to work in a structured manner.

What are Project Management Methodologies?

They are basically approaches for project managers. These approaches might require to use software tools for managing with fast and result oriented approach.

These methodologies are being used by millions of professionals all over the world. They guide how to carry on project activities from start to finish.

In this guide, we will go through the most popular project management methodologies.

  • Agile Methodology:

It is the most commonly used methodology in software development. Purpose of Agile is to make sure regular delivery of product to the customer. It is different from traditional methodologies such as waterfall method because in agile there is no clarity defined about the end product at the onset. Agile consist of a prioritization process. Non static requirements like regular communication, flexibility and constant change.

Although it is a very popular among software developers and very powerful approach to other types of projects as well. In agile, development process is broken up into sprints with chunk of milestones.

Neil Killick , a passionate technology professional shares his views about agile as follows:

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  • Waterfall Methodology:

It is the most widely used methodology in project management. It is being used commonly in software development and construction industry. It is a traditional methodology. It works in a sequential manner that is sequence tasks that will lead to deliverables and follow the same flow. Waterfall suggests that one task must be completed before the next begins. It is basically a connected sequence of tasks which ultimately lead to a deliverable. Waterfall methodology is ideal for construction projects or such projects in which the ultimate milestone is a physical object.

Phases of Waterfall Method:

Waterfall method is usually divided into various versions but following are few original high level phases.

  1. Design
  2. Requirements specification.
  3. Integration
  4. Construction (Coding)
  5. Installation
  6. Maintenance
  7. Testing and Debugging

Pam Rotella, a health freedom activist talk about Waterfall as follows:

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