A Complete Guide to Popular Image File Formats and their Uses

As a design firm, we often have to work with many different files formats, depending on the requirement of the project. Because we spend most of our days and nights working in different kinds of file formats and sometimes we forget that too many file formats along with different usages of each of them can and do overwhelm our clients at most of the times. Many a times, any one of our project managers receive an email or a phone call from a troubled client who is having difficulty in understanding the different files formats we have served them in. Therefore today, I would like to clear some confusions through this infographic upon the popular files formats that are used and their purposes. This efforts is part of showing responsibility as being a professional graphic design company in Dubairegion, our duty is to keep our clients and prospects informed about every minute detail of the project right from the file formats to the development methodologies and so on. Have a look!

For Original Source Click Here : https://www.branex.ae/blog/infographics/complete-guide-to-popular-image-file-formats/

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