How to use Google Maps Dubai to avoid traffic congestion?

It’s a known fact that all major cities in the world have traffic congestion problems.

From bumper-to-bumper traffic in Sydney & London to the strangely functional chaotic streets of Egypt and New Delhi, traffic is a constant problem.

But the main difference between other cities and Dubai is that they all have alternative modes of transport, which includes trains, an efficient train system, bus network, metro systems, bicycle lanes and ample sidewalks. Sydney even has an extremely efficient ferry service.

Dubai, on the other hand, relies on its roads and on Google maps Dubai. Live traffic Dubai can reduce some of the frustration on the roads.

With the Dubai Metro still under construction, other means of transport are coming forward. A water taxi service, new buses, improved train system, or if you live in Dubai, you may soon be able to fly and beat traffic woes with a helicopter service.

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As per Dr. Abdel Malik Ibrahim Abu Sheikhead of transportation studies and planning section

“The main problems that are being faced by the people include encouraging the use of public transport, congestion, transportation safety and improving the transportation environment.”


Sadly only a few of the people use Google maps Dubai to navigate in the city. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) compiled a report in February last year and concluded that traffic congestion in Dubai alone cost the economy $790m in wasted fuel……………

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