Take off your boring sales with these Cyber Monday Black Friday Social Media Campaigns

Black Friday: A day that is considered as a shopping day where the customers are happy to buy goods by retailers which are defected, nearly expired, and sometimes even unwanted.

Now, as a customer, you get to buy products in discounted rate, and for retailers, they get to sell those products that are not actually doing any good with sales.

It is a win-win situation for both.

“Black Friday is like the hunger games. People will kill each other and the winner gets a $20 crockpot.” (@Topz7st)

However, as a digital design agency or a startup company you need to cash this opportunity to make the most of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Of course, everyone knows what is Black Friday so I will not ponder on that. The aim of this blog post is to equip you with the most successful Social Media Campaigns Black Friday Cyber Monday deals that are out there.

Let’s start with some motivation. It is all about money. Not just money, lots and lots of money.

According to the stats, in the year 2016, Black Friday alone generated 3.6x more orders than the average number of orders in November. And of course, Cyber Monday was not left behind, a whopping 3.1x more orders were generated than the average November.

For Video Here is URL: https://youtu.be/svUwsXKEJ_k

In another statistic, it Adobe concluded that Cyber Monday single day sales are around $3.39 billion which is 10% increase over a period of one year.

Start with the basics

Before you shoot your first email or even create your first Black Friday Cyber Monday Facebook ad, you need to ponder on few things to cut yourself from the holiday noise:

Start with Smooth shipping:

Time is an expensive gift. When asked in a survey what is the cause of not completing the order, more than 86% of the people labeled as shopping cart abandonment. Which is why you need to make the shopping cart as simple & smooth as possible. More than 50% of the shoppers preferred one-day shipping as their reason to shop from the same store.

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