6 Smart Apps for Entrepreneurs to Make them Super Productive

If you are an entrepreneur, then I’m sure you fully understand how time management plays a great role in meeting deadlines. You need to manage your day in a way that you will be able to get a lot of work done. You need to stay organized to achieve your goals. And you can only do it if you are tech-savvy and incorporating productivity apps to accomplish tasks and remain on the right track.

Fortunately, advanced technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to get their routine task done, manage time more efficiently and keep track of responsibilities in a more organized manner. Below are some of the best productivity apps that do a really good job for project managers to meet their everyday demands.

  1. Evernote

Evernote helps you create digital notebooks to keep track of your expenses and manage your project calendar. It helps you to create slideshow presentations, plan your business trip, and organize things in the best possible way. By creating Evernote digital notebook, you will be able to take screenshots of everything in your office and your work station and then insert into your digital notebook, eliminating the need of writing everything on paper. All you need to do is to tag the notes you are writing that will make searching easier on the go. Moreover, you can record voice reminders, sync files and sync files. It is available for Web, Android and iOS.

2. Letterspace

It is critical for business owners to make business decisions without overlooking other responsibilities and tasks. Obviously, no one wants to take notes, but it is important. Letter space is a great, free, note taking app that utilizes hashtags to organize your ideas in to a sophisticated manner by using a clean interface. The amazing feature of Letter space is the cursor that is available directly above the keyboard. This will allow users to move paragraphs of notes around making it easier than ever for business owners to edit the notes.

3. Lastpass

Being an entrepreneur, you need to remember so many things, especially passwords. Lastpass is an amazing personal password manager and form filler app that is available for PCs and Macs that frees you from remembering the complicated combination of letters and numbers.

4. CamCard

Entrepreneurs attend a number of conferences and business meetings during the years where they meet different people. Exchanging business cards is the best decision to keep the useful contacts safe, but at the same it is difficult to keep record of a number of business cards. Don’t worry, CamCard can take an image of your business card and upload all the important details automatically into your phone contacts and your email accounts. Since it is very accurate, you can be assured of error free scanning. Moreover, you can sync data across different devices too.

5. Workflow

Time management is the most important part to keep your business process running smoothly. Managing workflow is the basic thing to utilize your time efficiently. The Workflow app helps you customize your phone so you can easily bypass all the tasks that are unnecessary or waste of time. You can create any type of button for different types of activity that you do on a regular basis and with the simple click of the created button your task is being done.

6. TaskQue

It is an amazing productivity app that allows project managers and entrepreneurs to juggle multiple projects and multiple teams, separately at the same time. It has an amazing task management feature that makes easier for you to assign different tasks to multiple resources by using the Queue feature. TaskQue enables teams to get work done more proficiently and quickly, see progress of any project, meet deadlines and helps you complete the project super-fast. With this online project management system, you can not only set the workload of a project to ensure maximum productivity, but the amazing Queue feature delivers tasks to resources by using its intelligent allocation algorithm without overwhelming any resource.


By using these productivity apps, you can surely organize yours tasks in a more systematic way. If you are an emerging entrepreneur who is striving for success, then it is advised to incorporate these smart apps in your routine to stand apart and enhance your company’s growth.