As part of the establishing of the Service Design Pittsburgh Meetup, I’ve been thinking a lot about the necessary skills of service design, the overlap with other disciplines and where my strengths are, and, most importantly where I want to grow.

For our first event, my co-founder and I posited that the key skills to service design were (in no particular order): visual design, prototyping, design research, systems thinking, multidisciplinary collaboration, facilitation, and business modeling and strategy. …

I’m over a year out from grad school now. A little older. A little wiser.

And now a practicing service designer. I’m still a little surprised that I managed to pull that off.

Recently, I was asked by a former professor to come speak to a service design class about what exactly that does mean.

I quickly agreed because it sounded fun, but then I paused. Our business as a whole is still only tangentially aware of this in-house competency and even foggier on what that means for them. None of the projects I’ve worked on have felt like the…

Jessica Weeden

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