On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

I also wrote about Bernie Sanders on my blog and there might be information you did not know about http://www.jessicanaomi.net/feel-the-bern-out-missed-60s-revolutiont-hillary-i-fought/

First of all Sanders is and was never the NEW LEFT he just tagged along and mostly messed up. He was one of the men of his age who thought the feminist revolution was about women letting more men screw us and then they got angry when they found out that the feminist revolution was not about men. Then they accused hetero women of being lesbians.

Sanders wrote that rape threat right after his girlfriend took their son and moved as far away from him as she could since he refused to get a job to pay for food and electricity. Even when he followed his ex-girlfriend to Burlington he was still not working and did not have food in the home for his son and again the electricity was turned off. Then when he conned Burlington voters into electing him he still was not working and just got paid to do nothing, which is all he knows how to do, nothing.

Anyway I wrote about where I was during the 60s revolution, where Hillary Rodham was and where Bernie was NOT since right after college in 1964 he hid out in Europe and Israel in a year-long “honeymoon” and his first wife divorced him after 18 months. of marriage.

Right after that he moved to hide out in Vermont where he stayed until 1990.

Sanders missed the entire revolution hanging out with his hippie stoned friends talking about the revolution and doing nothing.

I could post the entire article under my Medium page too but check out my blog JessicaNaomi.Net since there is a lot more information about a lot more information there.