Fuck You, White People

I understand your satirical flow, but this is truly how I feel as a descendant from Africa. Jews received their reparations, as well as the Native Americans. Where are mine!? I feel that cotton products should be free for all African Descendants. No bullshit! You’re totally right I can’t hold the blame for what their ancestors did, but what is being done to make life better for the minorities that stay in America today? Did ya know that in 1954 the Brown vs Board of Ed ruling finally made us their equal? (I guess they didn’t honor the 13th and 14th amendment until the 50's) With that being said many Whites are still alive and breathing (although they are old) right now, that lived through that time. So am I granted with permission to blame them and question their “achievement” of moving up from their racist thoughts? Keep in mind they still group us as being one race (African Americans). We are all able to distinguish race from ethnicity right?! Of course we are! Obviously I made a huge mistake when I stated Europeans populate more of the U.S than any other race. So how are African descendants more violent than Whites? How can our crime rate topple their crime rate if we only take up 14% of the population? Twitter attacked me stating European is not a race. So what the fuck is it? I mean they all possess physical attributes/qualities to paint a picture of their White-ness right? Their comments proved to me their dislike of being grouped. Shouldn’t the way I feel about being grouped, mixed in a pot, matter? We all know some people with darker skin are blessed with having keloid skin. Instead of tattoos, Africans had traditional tribal markings (which included the scarring of one’s face) to inform others what tribe they belonged to. We are different! I don’t like being called African American…I feel that I am more moorish than anything. Put some respect on my name! *In my best birdman impression