I don’t have to think very long to come up with a time someone said something that was hurtful.
Anne Peterson

I’ve kept score like that too. I remember a lot of hurts. I have to forgive people that didn’t even say, “I’m Sorry” — Either there was no relationship there, it was a bully, OR, I pretended it didn’t hurt, so they had no idea they hurt me. I have to work on letting go of bad memories.

And there might be people who I thought I forgave, but their words keep coming back. It just takes time to heal, maybe. …is 10 years too long?

I don’t think it’s age, Mom, you have a good memory :) But more than that, you have the kind of heart that listens to God…so when he tells you to do something, like forgive, you usually try to do it.

I don’t know if I can actually forget some of the hurts. Like forget that it happened. I wrote that…but I’m wondering if it’s possible. Maybe it’s not that you totally forget, but you don’t dwell on it anymore. It doesn’t haunt you.

Some hurts were so embarrassing for me. They went so deep into me because it was something I was afraid was true. They said it, and at the time I thought, “What if they’re right?”

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