Yes, yes, and yes.
Jaime Andrés Pérez Cadena

Thank you for sharing this, Jim! Your comment made my day. I’m so sorry for the loss of your art. It’s hard enough to let go of pieces. It would be really hard to realize your work was in someone’s hands that didn’t truly appreciate it.

You didn’t take any photos of your pieces, did you? I wonder if it’s possible to recreate the pieces you wish you had. I’ve tried a couple times to recreate pieces that people wanted to buy, so I could have one of my own. 😊 I drew one of my charcoal drawings again, so I could make a time lapse video of it. And it turned out different than the first piece. It’s an interesting experiment.

But each piece is so unique. And some of them had such spontaneous marks that I can’t just replicate. Every piece is a new experience. What came naturally the first time could feel contrived.

I have to be careful when I get stuck on certain pieces. I have to believe there’s even greater pieces in me waiting to come out. I think there’s a fear that we’ve already done our best work.

I’m so glad you feel encouraged to start painting again! I hope you do.

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