Embrace life.

It is something that I constantly need to remind myself to do. Embrace life. Seems easy, right? Wrong. I have been known to be a pessimistic person. Never have I been able to look at the positive aspect of things first, always the negative.

Whenever I failed at something, I would constantly think that my life was over. That there was no bouncing back and bettering my life. I would have to rewrite my future because of my failures.

After a break up in a two year relationship. I had gotten the Rasini symbol for embrace life tattooed behind my ear. It is a constant reminder to me. Stop living in the past. There is always a reason for the events that occurs. View it as a life lesson rather than a failure and better yourself for the future. Move on and look forward to a better life that you could create for yourself.

That is all we need to do. We need to stop and simply just embrace life.

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