Daily UI Challenge

Jessica Prague
Jan 3, 2018 · 2 min read

In order to sharpen my UI and Visual Design skills, I’ve decided to take on the Daily UI Challenge. These are some of my screens, published also on my Behance profile!

#011 — Flash Message

#010 — Social Share

#009 — Music Player

#008 — 404 Page

#007 — Settings

#006 — User Profile

#005 — App Icon

#004 — Calculator

#003 — Landing Page

#002 — Checkout

#001 — Sign Up

I am a sophomore at Cornell University, pursuing a major in Information Science and a minor in business. I am pursuing internship opportunities for Summer 2018.

Please feel free to look at my portfolio to view the rest of my design work!

Jessica Prague

Written by

Student @ Cornell. Product Design Intern @ Facebook. jesseprague.com

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