EDM: The Music of the Now

Electronic Dance Music known as EDM is one of the fastest growing music genres of the decade. Many artists from across the globe use various music softwares and to remix songs into an electronic hit. 20 years ago, EDM was considered “Rave” music and the “ravers” would go to warehouses and dance the night away and it was more of an underground scene. Today, Rave culture is super mainstream and people of different ages, genders, and sexual orientations enjoy this fast paced and party genre of music. Many popular EDM artists originated from European countries and they are making so much money and changing the way electronic music is produced and distributed. EDM is huge and it is definitely not going anywhere!


EDC Insomniac 2014 in Orlando, FL

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and are two of the largest festivals that are hosted in the United States and the world. EDC festivals move throughout the United States and the world! Yes, they have EDC UK, EDC Mexico, and EDC Pureto Rico! Many mainstream and up and coming DJ’s have the opportunity to perform for thousands of die-hard EDM fans! EDC also offers the carnival experience with many carnival rides and carnival foods. A weekend trip to EDC will usually cost a concert goer about $500, so save up your money if you are looking into going to a festival!

Ultra Day 3- 2014

The Ultra Music Festival is 3 days long and popular and up and coming artists are featured over those 3 days. Ultra is located in Miami and it is the ultimate party experience. Going to one of those concerts is truly an amazing experience that everyone should exprience at least once! Ultra is a pricier festival to go to. The packages range from about $300-$2000.

TomorrowLand in Belgium

TomorrowWorld is the largest music festival in Belgium. They also have a tour that comes to Atlanta, Georgia. It is an exciting 3 day weekend full of crazy outfits, great music, and sweaty concert-goers. Many EDM festivals seem to be the same with music, dancing, and crowds, but they are so much more than that. Festivals are for people who love music to come together and enjoy it all in one place.

Sunset Music Festival 2014 in Tampa, FL

One of the newer concerts of EDM is The Sunset Music Festival hosted in the beautiful Tampa, Florida. This 2 day festival also houses some of the top names in EDM. In 2015, they will be hosting Zedd, Benny Benasi, Krewella, and many other headliners for the concert experience of a lifetime. It is housed in the Raymond James Stadium. All of these concerts go on in rain or shine, so dress accordingly! Rave on!