Day 34: Peanut Gallery

On my flight yesterday I sat next to a Chinese couple that you could tell had good energy. They were dressed in more Louis Vuitton than I’ve ever seen in any store. The man sat in the middle next to me, and immediately struck up a conversation in Chinese, completely unfazed by my cutting in every few seconds with “Sorry, English,” and continued on.

After a good 2 minutes of this he must have assumed we finished up all the pleasantries and sat back in his seat to close his eyes. There he remained pretty mellow until food service when he sprung back in to motion. The meal was beef and chicken so I passed and was handed a pack of peanuts as an alternative. Admittedly starving I launched right in to the opening of said peanuts but couldn’t seem to make it happen.

Just as I was about to give up, the gentleman grabbed (yanked) them from my hand and gave a try himself. After 30 seconds he also couldn’t seem to crack the code on these precious peanuts, so his wife then took them in her own hands and gave it a go.

Three defeated, one still hungry.

He grabbed them back from his wife to hand them back over to me, but thought better. His fork that he had been using to consume his beef noodles was ripe for stabbing and he launched into it. I was in shock as he might as well put his teeth into them, but fascinated that he was taking so much responsibility for my comfort. Piercing the bag’s skin we all let out a “ahhh!” Having finally slayed the beast.

What happened next was the strangest part of the whole episode. He opened the bag and then poured some peanuts into his wife’s hands, then his own, and handed me the remainder.

I laughed to myself. This. Is. China.

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