Day 73–74: Southern Considerations

So I don’t know how many of y’all know this, but I was born in South Carolina and raised in Alabama. Now while I’m product to northern parents (Mom a true New Yorker, and Dad a Baystater), being raised in the sugary goodness of the sweet tea South means I’m certainly accustom to some serious southern ideals.

Of course I was tickled pink when I heard that one of my most darling friends that I grew up with in Alabama, who lives in New York and I spend much of my time with, was going to be here in Shanghai for work. Darn pleased was I that I was about to be blessed with the perfect goodness of a well brought up southern lady.

My first day back, after remember 25 days, I hustled through work anxious to be able to see my friend. Admittedly I actually had a great time with the buzzy and liveliness of work, and the in the afternoon at the office and was given a slew of roses to congratulate me on my engagement, which now dress my dining room table beautifully.

Okay so let’s talk these flowers should we? I was given a whole host of them, each gorgeously individually wrapped with brown ribbon, small plastic vases to keep each individual flower alive, and then all wrapped up in cellophane. It was nonsensically over the top and wonderful. But immediately upon receiving these flowers I was told that I had to share the wealth by giving them away. Admittedly a bit stunned, then a wave of Southern hospitality washed over me.

OF COURSE you give them away. What good is 45 roses to a single individual when 1 rose can do so much for one person? I mean, really, think about it. So off I went to pass them out to random individuals which was honestly an amazingly good time.

After I had bled my rose supply I met up with my Southern friend who reinforced how appropriate it was for me to share the wealth as she gently let me go before her in the taxi line, up the stairs, and out the door (as all southern ladies will do unless ushered otherwise).

While absolutely foreign the whole rose ordeal felt, my hometown friend made it all seem strikingly familiar again. We are fortunate. We are kind. We are giving. We share. End of story.

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