Why quitting my job made me realize its not the end of the world.

It was February 22,2016 5 am, and I was tired, bored, and found myself working as a robot with the same routine over and over again. It was time to open boxes, unwrap the clothes, price them and place them in order from different sections.

“It’s been three years Jessica are you going to stay with the same routine” I asked myself. Jessica was still a college student and just became a young mother to a beautiful baby girl named Hailey. She had the perfect parents, and the perfect siblings with ideal jobs, yet Jessica felt less than perfect and was starting to feel as though her life was coming to a complete disappointment. It was time to stop bullshitting and make a damn change for once. A change I was not all comfortable with, (1). I was making decent money, (2). it was a secure job. Yet, something was missing in my life. I wanted to be more than just a secure job and a decent money.

She had finally hit the mark of the big 25, what were her plans? Where will she begin. She knew it was time to leave her job and pursue her dreams and herself. “Ive been running in the dark slipping on banana peels”

I am a full time forensic psychology student who loves to solve cases, do criminal profiling, talk about the drug war and cartels anything with government I was and still am up for discussion. “Is this what your mid 20s look like” having no clue where exactly your going to land?. As a young mother the burdens started to become heavier, and time as the white rabbit puts it in Alice in Wonderland “is running out”.

Thats exactly how my life has been viewed threw my lenses. “I have no time” Im always running around not stopping one second to think and catch my breathe and develop a new plan. This my fellow readers, is why this blog is being written.

If you know me I am someone of peculiar intrest. I love having the answers in front of me. I love to write, read, and im intrested in having entrepreneur skills. So I will take my unemployment as a way to continue my studies, work on myself, and find myself just a little more. I hope this blog helps anyone who is also in the same boat. Being in your mid 20s is not easy, most believe your suppose to have it all, and others in reality are just scrapping by to find their next plan. Everyone takes different journeys at different times, but all will accomplish success if persistant. For me, Leaving my job was not a way of quitting in life it was a way of finding myself and preparing myself for better days.

Jessica ❤