Friday Feature — Round Mountain Coffee

This is one of a series of posts where I feature local businesses or organizations that I believe are working to better Conway, Arkansas. I wanted to sit down with each of them and hear their story.

Sandwiched between the roundabouts on Prince Street, you’ll find a modern coffee shop owned by Scott Forbush and Kyle Sackhoff. These guys are in their first year of business and have accomplished some ground-breaking stuff. Not only do they have a great cup of joe, they also roast in house, instruct the public on the art and science of coffee, and encourage their employees to find their own passions in life. After speaking with Kyle, it’s safe to say these guys are really making a mark in Conway.

Me: So how did you guys meet and what was your background?

Kyle: Scott and I met in high school, both graduated from Conway High. I started as an engineering major and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. I wasn’t dealing with people ever, cause I was just behind a desk. Coffee is something I just kept coming back to.

“We had the dream to do it. We had the opportunity to do it. Then we took it.”

Me: How did Round Mountain Coffee get its start?

Kyle: Scott and I kept bouncing around the idea of opening a coffee shop. When we had the opportunity, we just went for it. We have about 10 years of combined coffee experience, so it’s something we’ve found a big love for.

Me: You guys also share that experience with the public. Tell me more about the classes you offer.

Kyle: We’ve got classes set up from the beginner level all the way up to advanced. Our first class is Espresso 101 — what is espresso? why is it different than black coffee? We’ve also done Espresso 201, which is more in depth. We let people use the espresso machine and they have a lot of fun with that. We have done some on Slow Brew and are currently working on material covering milk steaming and pouring lattes. We just want to share what we love to do with other people.

Me: What have you learned in your first six months?

Kyle: As far as coffee goes, Scott and I have learned a lot. We’ve been journeying to further discover the scientific and technical side of coffee. What we’ve learned more than that, has been employee relations. Effective leadership has a lot more to do with how you communicate with people than anything else.

Me: Where is Round Mountain headed in the next 5 years?

Kyle: I would love to see us with two or three locations in some really cool places, doing wholesale coffee, you know just having our coffee all over the place! Our big tag line is taking coffee everywhere. We mean it.

Me: What about Conway’s future?

Kyle: Conway is in this really unique spot. We’re close to the Ozarks, so there’s a really big outdoor community. It’s also close to the metropolitan of Little Rock. Ten years forward, I think it’s going to be quite a bit more sleek and modern. Our town might feel a lot like what people would find in Austin or Nashville. We’re excited to be on the cusp of it all.

These guys are definitely focused on making Round Mountain Coffee a success, but they also find time to foster their other passions. Scott is a co-owner of Arkansas AcroYoga and Kyle helps pastor the youth group at Family Life Bible Church. They are both excited about teaching and giving back to the community, which is very encouraging! Make sure you stop by and say hello. If you are interested in learning more about Round Mountain Coffee or taking a class, visit their page here.

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