365 Sonnets. #22. 12–31–17, inspired by the illustrations of Annlyn Huang

They call themselves the Low Five Fly Design.

Both wrapped in curves with legs like waves and shades

to shield from their reflection’s sizz’ling blind.

They rustle feathers, pick off trolls in spades;

they contract out as hired, private, hands

to spy, to grill, to search out missing works,

disrupt all coveted, top secret plans

by learning target’s skeletons and quirks.

They’ll dig up all the information needs

then detail how to break the target’s will

(for little more they’ll finish off your leads).

Their strategies consistently fulfill.

They work around the globe with private fare-

They kill at what they do, with grace & flair.

Originally published at medium.com on January 1, 2018.

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