Spirituality explained in a poem

Spirituality is something you can feel but not see,

Not a religion, not God, not Christianity.

Still, it is something bigger than yourself,

Something you cannot learn from your bookshelf.

It encompasses a search for a meaning,

But is open to any teacher and teaching.

It seeks answers about life and identity,

But is not bounded by any religious claim to exclusivity.

There is nevertheless a connection between spirituality and emotional wellbeing,

Both are intrinsically connected, yet different for the time being.

The first can result in positive emotions such as peace and acceptance

While the other can broaden your outlook and make you look for your essence.

Useful to cope with emotional stress or illness,

Seek for this deeper awareness in times you need stillness.

Connection at its best,

With yourself, others, nature or art

It creates a boundless zest

And slowly nurtures your heart.

Spirituality is also about trust,

And so, believing in infinite possibilities you must.

Knowing to recognize the benefits that come with each challenge,

And hence, having the courage to always find your balance.

So when you tap into spirituality what might you find?

A more hopeful self and possibly a contact with the divine.