I heard today the word stardust,

And it made me think of you.

But what could be the reason

I connected you two?

Going through the dictionary,

I couldn’t help but smile

Cause so many beautiful things were being said

And I knew all of them were your style.

The divine dust of a supernova explosion

Did sound like something you had become.

But so did the deep sense of wellbeing described

That no one else transmitted like you, mum.

Today is a very special day,

And I can only look up at the sky.

Think at all you have taught me,

And how there is no appropriate way to say goodbye.

I finally understood that all I need is to trust

That you were put there for a reason;

To share your magic particles of stardust.

I hope people can feel,

This energy coming through,

You strength, your hope,

All so characteristic of you.

You can’t bear to see me cry,

And so you are shining from above.

You did not die,

You just became a higher love.

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