What will it be? Yes or No?

“Yes” and “No” are powerful words that usually represent two different stances in life. Nevertheless one should not be adopted without the other. They are two sides of the same coin and are bounded to go together. How long can you go for saying “yes” to everything before your emotional physical or mental says “no”? And how long can you go for saying “no” before you are physically exhausted and pushed to say “yes”?

It is true that you should say YES to life and learn to listen and give. But very often it is also true that you have to learn to say no as a way to protect your energy and set healthy boundaries.

“Yes” is a beautiful word. We associate it with acts of generosity agreement and union. But “no” is not worse than yes as it opens your heart to acceptance vulnerability and self care.

Take some time to think about these two little words and which you identify most with. There is not a right or wrong answer.

Just remember the key is BALANCE