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Fuck yes, you’re a writer

Credit: Pipe Yangas

While in a Lyft yesterday, a passenger, let’s call her Alarm, asked me what I do for a living. I hesitated. The voice in my brain for the millionth time doubted: “You’re not a real writer, you can’t even write this book.” I responded:

“At the moment I am figuring out what’s next. Every day I write, and I often share, but I don’t think I qualify as a writer, you know I have not written a book.”

Alarm seemed to have picked up on my hesitation and then turned to me “alarmed” and said:

“Fuck yes, you’re a writer. You write every day. What else do you need? A certificate?”

This is what I like to a call a wakeup moment, almost always brought to you by a stranger. This stranger is an Alarm.

I woke up today, with Alarm’s voice in my head.

Starting today:

Fuck yes I am a writer

Fuck yes I am a poet

Fuck yes I am writing this book

Fuck yes I am going to write every day

Fuck yes this book will be in your hands in 12 months

And fuck yes I am making money being a writer

All this time, I was dismissive of the idea that I can be a full-time writer. What I came to realize is my making myself small is simply a fear reaction. That’s it. Nothing else and no one else. 
I am afraid of failing. Of writing a book that no one reads. Of the opinion of those who question who can call themselves a writer, humorist singer. Staying humble, has been my excuse to staying afraid. To hiding. To shrinking.

I am going to be a full-time writer. And while I do this, I am going to be your Alarm, and wake you up to the reality that:

Fuck yes you’re a writer

Fuck yes you’re a musician

Fuck yes you’re a runner

Fuck yes you’re an actor

Fuck yes you’re a podcaster

Fuck yes you’re a healer

Fuck yes you’re a leader

Fuck yes you’re a creator

Fuck yes you’re [insert your passion]

And fuck yes you are going to figure it out

We are going to figure out

I went ahead this afternoon and created a Patreon page. Let’s do this. Be part of my journey to be a full-time writer, and publishing my first book, by giving as little as $1 a month. Be my patron. I am doing this. You are doing this. We are doing this.

I love you,

Jessica the writer, poet, your Alarm

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