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The 10 things love is not

  1. Love is not a child of the mind. Love does not think
  2. Love is not defined by contracts, structures, length or numbers. Love needs no definition
  3. Love is not waiting for you to be perfect, skinnier, calmer, smarter. Love does not wait
  4. Love is not found in a sweet text, a pat on the back, a thank you. Love does not need approval
  5. Love is not an excuse to obsess, possess, regress. It is not a tool nor a means to an end. Love needs no safety
  6. Love is not romantic, monogamous, godly, divine, rare, impossible. Love needs no adjectives
  7. Love is not meant to be easy, simple, safe, happy, peaceful. Love embraces all
  8. Love knows not the shadow from the light. Love is color blind
  9. Love is not what you think it was, or what they told you it is, or what you dream it will be. Love just is
  10. Love is not found in other’s arms. Love is in your arms

Happy love every day, my most cherished readers.

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