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Turns out love is color grey

Credit: Dallas Clayton

I searched for a big, pink, bright, neon heart shaped love

Turned out I was looking for lust, desire, longing… all of the above

Love found me as I was bidding farewell to my grey city, San Francisco

Love went from pink to black ink, when you cancelled on me that same day

Love continued from afar

With no touch, no kiss, no hugs, only emails; it was all bizarre

Love showed its white, clean, clear, and easy face despite the distance

Love then turned grey, when you told me I can’t stay

Does it mean you did not want me again?

No it turns out, love is grey

Love turned black

When I packed my bags, and wondered if I should run away and take my heart back

Does it mean, I did not want you again?

No it turns out, love is grey

Love felt like home again, as you sang to me while the bugs were devouring me

Love takes me to my darkest places and shows me my brightest faces

Love means no, and yes and no and yes and maybe

Love means I do not like parts of you

But I don’t leave

Love means you do not want parts of me

But you don’t leave

Love is grey and I am learning to see it this way

I would rather a love that is grey and timeless, than a neon pink that is blinding and sightless

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